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  • 工程翻譯須知:綠化工程文本示例

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    1.1 說明

    1.1  Explanation 

    1.1.1 范圍

    1.1.1  Scope


    The provisions of this chapter apply to the procurement, transportation, planting, maintenance, management and other related requirements of landscape plants (trees, bushes, lawns and ground cover and etc.), aquatic plants, artificial wetland plants and etc shown in this project construction drawing

    1.1.2 一般規定

    1.1.2  General provisions 


    (1) In addition to satisfying the technical requirements described in this chapter, the landscape engineering in this project shall meet the greening construction guideline and standards of local authorities at the same time.


    (2) Trees, bushes, lawns and groundcover plants shall be conducted in accordance with the nursery-grown plant production, plantation, maintenance management, engineering construction and other standard references of landscaping plants.


    (3) The artificial wetland plants shall meet the planting requirements of aquatic plants, at the same time; it shall meet the design code for wetland, so as to achieve the water purification effect of wetland plant.


    (4) When meeting the relevant specifications, the wetland aquatic plants shall also meet the design requirements, and adapt to the growth habit of aquatic plants.

    1.1.3 引用標準、規范

    1.1.3    Reference standards and codes


    Unless otherwise specified, the project must comply with the design, drawings and relevant national, local and industry standards, mainly including but not limited to the following items:

    1.2 基本要求

    1.2 Basic requirements

    (1) 種植土要求理化性能好,結構疏松、通氣、保水、保肥能力強(植樹要求0.5米半徑圓范圍及樹根下0.3米必須是優質土壤;其它種植土壤的平整及回土據現場勘察自行估算)。

    (1) The planting soil shall have good physical and chemical performance, which includes loose structure, ventilation, water conservation, strong fertilizer ability (the soil within the 0.5 meters radius circle and 0.3m under the root must be high quality in planting; the formation and backfill of other planting soil shall be estimated according to the field investigation).

    (2) 綠地應按設計要求平整地形。

    (2)  Flat landform is required in the greenbelt design requirements.

    (3) 種植材料:觀葉植物,葉色應鮮艷,葉簇豐滿;造型樹種,造型優美。苗木應根系發達,生長茁壯,無病蟲害,規格應符合設計要求,小喬木、大喬木要求有三級以上分支的全冠樹木。

    (3)  Planting material: the foliage plants shall have bright leaf color and rich leafage; modeling trees shall have beautiful shape. The nursery-grown plant should have developed root system, healthy and strong growth, no plant diseases and insect pests, and the specifications should comply with the design requirements, and the small trees and large trees are required to have more than three branches.

    (4) 苗木挖掘、包裝要求符合現行的行業標準《城市綠化和園林綠地用植物材料木本苗》、《城市綠化工程施工及驗收規范(CJJ/T82-99)》、《城市園林綠化養護管理標準》(DB11/T213-2003)。

    (4)  Nursery-grown plant excavation and packaging requirements shall comply with the current industry standard, Plant Materials for Urban Green Space--Tree Seedling, Urban Greening Engineering Construction and Acceptance Specification (CJJ/T82-99) and Urban Garden Greening Maintenance Management Standard (DB11 / T213-2003).

    (5) 播種用的草坪、草花、地被植物種子均應注明品種、品系、產地、生產單位、采收年份、純凈度及發芽率、不得有病蟲害。自外地引進種子應有檢疫合格證。發芽率達90%以上方可使用。

    (5) The lawn, grass flower, ground cover plant seed used for sowing shall indicate the species, strain, producing area, production units, harvest year, purity and germination rate, and they can not have plant diseases and insect pests. The seeds introduced overseas introduction shall have quarantine certificate. Only the seeds with the germination rate more than 90% can be used.

    (6) 種植穴、槽挖掘前,應向有關單位了解地下管線和隱蔽物埋設情況。

    (6)  Before excavating the planting hole and slot, you should understand the buried underground pipelines and hidden objects from the units concerned.

    (7) 種植穴、槽的定點放線應符合下列規定:

    (7) The staking and layout of planting hole and slot shall meet the following requirements:

    1) 種植穴、槽定點放線應符合設計圖紙要求,位置必須標準。

    1) The staking and layout of planting hole and slot shall conform to the requirements of design drawings, and the position must be standard.

    2) 行道樹定點遇有障礙物影響株距時,應與甲方取得聯系,經同意后進行適當調整。

    2) If the obstacles affect the planting distance between border trees, you should et in touch with Party A, and proper adjustment can be made after agreement.

    (8) 挖穴、槽后,應施入腐熟的有機肥作為基礎,基肥上再覆蓋一層種植土才能放入秒木種植。

    (8)  After excavating holes and slots, you shall apply the rotten organic fertilizer as the base, and cover a layer of the planting soil on the base fertilizer, and then plant the seedlings.

    (9) 苗木運輸量應根據種植量確定。苗木在裝卸車和起吊時應輕吊輕放,不得損傷苗木和造成散球。

    (9) The transportation quantity of seedlings shall be determined according to the planting quantity. The seedlings shall be lifted and put down gently in loading and unloading, thereby not damaging seedlings and causing loose balls.

    (10) 苗木運到現場后應及時栽植。

    (1) After the seedlings are transported to the site, immediately plant them.

    (11) 大喬木和小喬木類樹木修剪應在保持原有樹形的基礎上適當進行,且須經甲方人員同意后方可進行。

    (11) Appropriately clipping the big trees and small trees based on the original shape of trees, but it is subject to the consent of the Party A.

    (12) 種植的質量應符合下列規定:

    (12) The planting quality shall meet the following requirements:

    1) 種植應按要求核對苗木品種、規格及種植位置。

    1) The seedling varieties, specifications and planting location shall be checked in planting as required.

    2) 種植應保持對稱平穩,相鄰植株規格應合理搭配、高度、干徑、樹形近似,種植的樹木應保持直立,不得傾斜,應注意觀賞面的合理朝向。

    2) Symmetry and stability shall be maintained in planting, the specifications of adjacent plants should be reasonably collocated, the height, stem diameter and tree shape shall be approximate, the planting trees shall be kept upright, without tilt, and you should pay attention to the reasonable direction of front face.

    3) 綠籬、色塊種植,株行距應均勻,樹形豐滿的一面應向外,按木苗高度、樹干大小搭配均勻。

    3)  For the hedge and color lump planting, the plant spacing should be uniform, the face with well-rounded tree form shall face outward, and the uniform collocation shall be conducted according to the seedling height and trunk size.

    4) 帶土球樹木時,不易腐爛的包裝物必須拆除。

    4) For the plants with soil ball, the non-perishable packing materials must be removed.

    (13) 樹木種植后及時澆好定根水,種植胸徑5cm以上的喬木,應設支撐固定,風暴季節,還應隨時做好檢查、補課工作。

    (13) Timely pour the root-set water after planting trees, when planting the trees with breast diameter more than 5 cm, you should set a fixed support, and you should be also ready to check and supplement in stormy season.

    (14) 及時防病治蟲,防病治蟲應注意環境保護。

    (14) Prevent pest in time by taking environmental protection into consideration.

    (15) 樹木生長期要求每年追施一次肥,花灌木應在花前、花后各進行一次追肥。樹木休眠期,需施一次生態有機基肥。

    (15) The fertilizer shall be applied for the trees in growing period once a year, and the fertilizer shall be applied for the flower shrubs once before and after blossom. In the dormant stage of trees, the ecological organic base fertilizer shall be applied once

    (16) 及時按設計意圖搞好色塊和草坪的修剪,灌木要求或平整或豐滿;特殊造型樹種應修剪成形。草坪高度控制在4~6cm。

    (16) Timely make the color lump and lawn trimming in accordance with the design intent, the shrubs are required to be flat or well-rounded; the special modeling trees should be shaped. The lawn height shall be controlled within 4 ~ 6 cm.

    (17) 應及時挑除雜草,以保持綠地綠化效果的完好。隨時整理清除枯葉殘花。

    (17) Timely remove the weeds, so as to maintain the greening effect in good condition. Remove the dead leaves and flowers at any moment.

    (18) 發現枯死植物應及時挖除和補植,補植的樹木,應與原樹在品種、規格、樹型等質量上基本一致。

    (18) The found dead plants shall be removed and replanted in a timely manner, the replanted trees shall be basically identical with the original tree in varieties, specifications, tree quality and etc.

    (19)  The chemical fertilizers and agentia shall not pollute the environment

    (20)  Keep the green belt clean.

    (21) 養護期日是驗收通過之次日起計算,時間為一年,如補種的樹木,其規格等要與正常生長的同種樹木相同。

    (21) The curing period shall be calculated from the date following the acceptance date,and the period is one year, and for the replanted plants, its specification shall be with the same tree in normal growth 


    1.3 鋪設表土

    1.3 Laying the surface soil


    This section describes the earth surface leveling, scarifying, surface soil laying and other construction works before greening in accordance with the drawings layout and requirements.

    1.3.1 材料要求

    1.3.2 Material requirements 

    (1) 表土應為松散的、具有透水作用并含有有機物質的土壤,能助長植物生長,不應含有鹽、堿土、且無害物質以及大于25mm的石塊、棍棒、垃圾等;采集時,表土上生長有茂盛農作物、草或其他植物時,則證明該地質是良好的。

    (1)  The surface soil shall be loose soil with waterproof function and organic matters, which can contribute to plant growth, and it shall not contain salt, alkaline earth, harmful substance, as well as the stones, sticks, garbage and etc greater than 25 mm.; when the crops, grass or other plants grow on the topsoil in collection, it can prove that the geology is good.

    (2) 利用表土,是指清理場地或道路挖方開挖存放的適用材料。

    (2) Use the surface soil, namely, the applicable materials deposited in site cleaning or road excavation.

    (3) 開挖表土,是指承包人可以在用地界內取得,其開挖的部位、深度,應在監理工程師指導下進行;如當地無地表土可取,承包人應負責自他處取得。

    (3) Excavate the surface soil, namely, the contractor can use the soil obtained within the site, depth, the excavation position and depth shall be carried out under the guidance of supervision engineer; if no surface soil can taken, the contractor shall get it from elsewhere.

    1.3.2 施工要求

    1.3.2 Construction requirements 表土的提供 Surface soil supply

    (1) 承包人應在綠化區表土鋪設前至少7天通知監理工程師。

    (1) The contractor shall the notify supervision engineer at least 7 days before laying topsoil in the green area.

    (2) 承包人應作出采集表土的計劃安排,支付所有的費用,并應給監理工程師提供有關良好表土的樣品;并附上一份副本,說明挖取的表土以及恢復該地區的安排。采集地在用地界外應經有關機構批準。

    (2)  The contractor shall make topsoil collection plan, pay all the expenses, and provide good topsoil samples to the supervision engineer; meanwhile it shall also attach a copy to describe the excavated surface soil and restore the regional arrangement. If the collection site beyond the construction site, it shall be approved by the relevant authorities. 地表面的準備 Earth surface preparation 

    (1) 覆蓋表土范圍的地表面,應進行深翻,將土塊打碎使成為均勻的種植土。不能打碎的土塊,大于25mm的礫石、樹根、樹樁和其他垃圾應清除并運到監理工程師同意的地點廢棄。

    (2)  The ground surface covering the topsoil shall be the deeply scarified, and the clod shall be broken into uniform planting soil. The clods that cannot be broken, and the gravel, roots, tree stumps and other garbage greater than 25 mm shall be cleaned up and transported to the places with the approval of supervision engineer.

    (2) 通過翻松、加填或挖除以保持地表面的平整。

    (2) Keep the ground surface level by scarifying, filing or excavating. 

    (3) 綠化平整場地應在主體工程地下管線及道路工程等完成后進行。

    (3) Land greening and grading shall be carried out after the completion of main work underground pipeline and road project.

    (4) 根據土層有效厚度,土壤質地、酸堿度和鹽分、采取相應的施肥換土等措施。

    (4)  According to the effective thickness, soil texture, acidity and salinity of soil layer, take appropriate fertilization and soil removal and replacement measures.

    (5) 草坪及草花的整地翻土深度不得小于25cm,多年生木本花卉翻土深度不得小于30CM翻土前,應按照設計施腐熟基肥。翻土深度內土壤中混雜物(如草根、碎專石塊等)應清除干凈。草坪鋪植面必須平整、排水良好無積水、符合設計高度。

    (5) The whole cultivation depth of lawn and grass flowers shall not be less than 25 cm, the cultivation depth of perennial woody flowers shall not be less than 30 cm, and the thoroughly decomposed base fertilizer shall be applied in accordance with the design. The impurities (such as grassroots, crushed stones and etc.) in the excavated soil shall be cleared away. The lawn plant surface must be flat and well drained, ad it must comply with the design level. 鋪設 Laying 

    (1) 準備工作經監理工程師認可后,應即鋪設表土,鋪設厚度應符合下表的要求。當表土過分潮濕或不利于鋪設時,不應進行鋪設。除非另有規定,表土鋪設完成后,其表面標高應比路緣石、集水井、車行道或其他類似結構低25mm。

    (1) After the preparation work is approved by the supervision engineer, the contractor shall lay the topsoil immediately, and the laying thickness shall comply with the requirements in the table below. When the topsoil is too damp or not good for lying, the laying work shall be conducted. Unless otherwise specified, after the surface soil is laid, the surface elevation shall be lower than that of kerbstone, collecting well, roadway, or other similar structure by 25 mm.

    (2) 表土鋪設達到厚度后,其完成的工程應符合所要求的線形、坡度、邊坡。

    (2) After the topsoil reaches the certain thickness, the completed project shall comply with the linear, required near, gradient and slope requirements.

    (3) 鋪設后,承包人應用機具將表土滾壓,并形成至少深50mm縱向溝槽。全部鋪設面積應具有均勻間隔的溝槽,其方向宜垂直于天然水流,以利于排水,但圖紙或監理工程師另有要求者除外。

    (3)   After laying the topsoil, the contractor shall use machines to roll the surface, and form at least 50 mm deep longitudinal groove. All laid area shall have the evenly spaced grooves, and the direction shall be vertical to the natural stream, so as to facilitate drainage, except otherwise required in the drawings or supervision engineer.